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Willow was donated to us and joined her mom Bella. Willow LOVES to beg for treats and enjoys her muzzle rubbed. Her favorite treat is animal crackers. Willow is sposerd by Colleen Doherty & the Thomas family.

Larry curly moe1.png

Larry, Curly, & Moe

Larry (far left), Curly (middle), and Moe (far right) are the newest addition to the farm! They were given to us
as a bonded group, and they really love one another! These adorable guys are looking for a sponsor of $50 per month.



Dorothy is best friends with Rose. She is the lead hen and rules the roost. Dorothy would love nothing more than to have you hang with her and share some love with meal-worm and chicken scratch! She is looking for a monthly sponsor of $30 per month.



Rose is a friendly gal. She is a happy hen and lays blue eggs! Her favorite treat of the day is Happy Hen Mealworms. Just shake the bag and she comes running with her sidekick Dorothy. Rose is looking for a sponsor of
$30 per month.



Porkchop comes to us from Sweeny and was also a Hurricane Harvey pig. He is the farm Mayor and life of the party. He is very social and LOVES shoes. Don’t be surprised if he starts kissing your shoes when you enter the farm. It’s his favorite thing to do. Porkchop is sponsored by Tom and Donna Nguyen.



Wilbur comes to us from Sweeny and was saved from Hurricane Harvey. Wilbur is a shy guy and loves his life on the farm. He enjoys his snacks and getting sprayed by the hose. Wilbur is looking for a sponsor of $50 per month.



Bella was donated to us along with her daughter Willow. Bella was saved just in time from a slaughter truck heading to the meat house. Bella and Willow were both saved as she was pregnant with Willow at the time. They are bonded for life. Bella is sponsored by Colleen Doherty.


Elvis Pigsley

Elvis was donated to us from a family in Manor that could no longer care for him. He’s constantly singing the blues in hopes of piggy treats. He’s a friendly guy and loves to roll over and get his belly rubbed. Elvis is sponsored by Tom and Donna Nguyen.


Moon Orion

Moon is full of life. Bouncing all over the farm. His favorite thing to do is jump from rock-to-rock and play with his best friend Porkchop! Thank you to Celine for sponsoring Moon!