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Your HELP makes a difference!


Happy Hooves Healing Hearts Sanctuary is a private, non-profit organization that truly benefits from the involvement of our community by fostering, donating, fundraising and ADOPTING!  We really could use fosters and fundraising! 

We Need You! We depend on the passion, hard work, and dedication of our community to help us give back by raising funds, food, enrichment items and more for the animals in our care. We provide medical, quality food, supplements, boarding and training as well. So all of the dogs in our rescue are trained with highly professional trainers.  

We have many wonderful dogs up for adoption and they need a loving, caring home to continue to set them up for success. 


Rescue of the week!

Cappy is a 5 year old, handsome boy. He loves adventure, walks, couch time, enjoys fetch and brings the ball or toy back to you! He has been with us since last October. His 42 year old dad passed away unexpectedly which left Cappy at Austin Animal Center. One of his dad's friends went and fostered him a for a bit and then he came to live with us. He is boarding at My Love Fur Paws. He does well and has doggy friends. He has high prey drive so no cats please. He has been in training with MLFP and does well in a crate. He is house trained as well and occasionally sleeps in the manager office at MLFP. His father used to take him on hikes, and patio bars to hang out with him. 

He would love to meet you! 

More about Cappy: 

He loves to have friends and attention from humans. He also will entertain himself with nylo bones and other toys. 

His quirks are cats, as he would love to chase them and never stop. Also, bicycles and motorbikes get him reved up so keeping up with training is crucial for a guy like Cappy. 

Awesome Adoptable Dogs!
All of our rescue dogs go through training with
My Love Fur Paws. We also teach parents how to lead their dogs to set them up for success when you adopt from us!
Happy Hooves SANCTUARY Animals